Consulting & Coaching

An executive consultant with experience & courage partnering with individuals, teams and organizations.


Charlotte’s process includes:

  • Understanding the case for and building a new mental model
  • Aligning the leadership team around the new model
  • Engaging groups: multi-level, multi-function
  • Designing an effective feedback system and monitoring progress
  • Capturing learnings and celebrating


Dr. Roberts can assist you in designing a process for thinking in new ways and responding to timely market demands.

Executive Productivity: A Team, not a cluster of stars
Organizational Learning: A Core Competency, not another program
Strategic Intent: A Path to the Vision, not a fancy book
Culture Change: A Respectful Process, not a forced march
Critical Conversations: Learning in Action, not defensive routines


Executive Coaching

At several points in our careers, we want a change. We may want a new assignment, a higher level of performance and recognition, or new and improved capabilities. Whatever your agenda, Dr. Roberts will create a coaching contract that best uses her skills and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Each person and her or his agenda is different so each engagement is customized around the principles of personal accountability, honest and constructive communication, commitment to self, and personal mastery.

Coaching engagements consist of one-on-one workdays that may include: shadowing the client, meeting with colleagues or managers of the client, facilitating critical conversations, or introducing the client’s team to new tools for thinking and acting. In addition, the coaching contract has regularly scheduled phone conversations for progress reporting and short term goal setting.